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Art by KaiZer

KaiZer Ioannis Kaiserlis

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Artist – Painter of Modern Art – Director of Project Construction – In charge of Housing Sales – Interior Designer

I’m a Greek artist born in Veria in 1974. Presently, I live in Athens. I admire every aspect of Art especially painting, and construction sculpture. I specialize in expressionism and each of my work is a constant experimentation with passion and dedication. My desire for painting and my talent came from my experience for two decades with interior design, Bespoke design and Builder/Contractor. As a Builder/Contractor, I was designing modern luxury dwellings. Those three aesthetic worlds contributed to my artistic talent. I have also visited a number of museums in different countries, which enhanced my desire and passion for abstract art.

I have participated in Vienna Art Summer 2021 (Public Artists gallery) and Lisbona Contemporanea 2021 (Atelier Natalia Gromicho gallery).