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Art by KaiZer

KaiZer Ioannis Kaiserlis

Artist - Painter of Modern Art - Director of Project Construction - In charge of Housing Sales - Interior Designer

  • Honorary member of "Italia Arte nel Mondo" Academy for year 2023, Italy
  • July 2022: Awarded the Poseidone Award & granted the title as "Magister formarum et atrium" by Italia in Arte nel Mondo Academy 
  • December 2022:Awarded the Menelao Award & granted the title as "Maestro" by Italia in Arte nel Mondo Academy 
  • Granting the Title as Maestro by De Agostini - Atlante dell' Arte Contemporanea 2021, Italy
  • Award Ceremony "Master Class" in Qatar International Art Festival 2021, Qatar, Village Katara
  • Masters of Berlin Prize 2023 organized by Il Collezionista Gallery and Pinna Gallery
  • Granting the Title as Maestro for a second time by De Agostini - Atlante dell' Arte Contemporanea 2023/2024 Edizione Speciale "New York 2023", Italy 

Born in 1974 in Veria, this Artist now lives in Athens. With more than 2 decades of experience in interior, industrial design, as well as real estate construction specializing in luxury modern homes, he has developed a passion for Fine Art and abstract painting. His frequent visits to museums in different countries fueled his admiration for expressionism and sculpture. Each of his works is the result of continuous experimentation that reflects his passion and dedication. For the artist, Art is a means of expressing his inner thoughts, feelings and the freedom he feels in the creative process.

Art represents his true self and every work he creates is part of his soul. Thanks to art he manages to connect reality with emotion and this gives him a feeling of liberation on many levels.

Artist's Statement

My name Ioannis Kaiserlis, but in the world of Art I am KaiZer.

Through contemporary Painting I explore the complexity of modern life, attempting with bold compositions, vivid colors and noticeable fluid movement to create a visual language as dynamic as it is expressive. Drawing inspiration from a range of sources including pop culture, street art, and contemporary design, being an Interior Designer and builder of luxury homes in the past, I strive to portray the eclectic nature and essence of modern culture through abstraction, emotionally liberating, and spiritual levels. I focus on exploring the possibilities of color as a medium by experimenting with various techniques and materials, thus pushing the boundaries of power within Painting. I attempt to bridge the gap between traditional and innovative. I want Art lovers to observe the world in new and exciting ways, challenging them to look beyond the surface of things and explore the deeper complexities that lie beneath.